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It's been 84 years....

Hi everyone, and yes, it's been a long time between drinks as they say, but we FINALLY have some new cards to talk about! Yay!

As normal this isn't the place to get in-depth, quality (or) insight into how the two warbands that accompany the new cards play, or even what they do. We're here, as good goblins should, to pick out shiny baubles that Gitz would find useful from the refuse. 
Broadly, these cards are utility in nature. Which is to say there are few here that will dramatically alter your playstyle and few that are "build around" cards that spawn new deck archetypes. But there are a bunch that not only look interesting on their own, but also start to make some older cards, including some recently added to the Restricted list, look increasingly appealing. 

Before I get started, please excuse the random order of the cards. Blogger is a pig to adjust photos on, so apologies, you'll just have to deal with that

Spoil me, like you spoil your French Cards

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Team Effort – Why the next changes to the tournament rules need to go far beyond cards and boards

Hi everyone!

I’ve been spending so many activations passing lately, I’m pretty sure I could score Is It Asleep?!

But I’m here, and I’m alive, which, in these uncertain times nothing to take for granted.
Apologies for not writing in so long, I’ve been working from home, and for some reason that’s completely sapped my energy to write. I think missing out to an hour of podcasts to and from work might have contributed to it, as has the distinct lack of content being released, but primarily I think it’s really hard to get opinionated about plastic toys when the world appears to be dissolving around us.

Nevertheless, I’m here and I’m writing now, it’s not about the latest FAR list though. I’ll hopefully going to get that later this week. Today I’m going to talk about something I feel is much more important.

The tournament rules.

We've seen a bit of this lately...

It’s mostly physical

With most of the world in one form of lockdown or another, it’s been curious to see the various ways that p…

Great Fortitude: Managing Expectations and Practicing Self Care

Warhammer Underworlds is a competitive game. GW tell us that at every opportunity; and by-and-large that’s a good thing. Competitive games are good. Tournaments are fun; but it does have the unfortunate effect of creating a winner-takes-all mentality, that can be hurtful to players, and to the game alike. So, what do we do when the results don’t go as planned? 
Managing expectations

There is one glass trophy on offer per tournament (now with fancy Masters code!). We implicitly understand that, if there’s 15 people at the tournament, most of them will be going home in varying shades of disappointment. Disappointment is a crappy emotion at the best of times, but when it is married with a competitive environment, where the W is largely all that matters, it can be hard to get over. We’ll talk about how you can manage the disappointment later, but for now, let’s talk about laying the groundwork to have realistic, helpful expectations. Given that we know that only one player can win, what ca…

She's Really Growing On Me - A review of The Wurmspat Expansion from a Gitz perspective

Well doesn’t time fly!

It only feels like last week since we were doing this.

The Wurmspat have dropped with an audible splat, and it’s now up to us to pick through the grisly remains like an overly fussy soothsayer.

As normal, this is a Gitz focussed review. Amazingly enough, because this means we’re reviewing only universal cards, a lot of them will be have as good or perhaps greater utility in other warbands, but my focus will be on the little green chaps.

Broadly speaking I feel that there’s lots of power here, if you’re willing to invest. Where the universals in the Mantrappers were a bit more overt in their application, the ones here are a bit subtler, and need a bit more malice-aforethought to bring out their potential. That said, Nightmare in The Shadows (why couldn’t you have called it Shove GW? Think of the bloggers next time) is ridiculous, and Perfect Match might have singlehandedly resuscitated aggro (heck, it might even enable Aggro Gitz!)

Read on!

Awesome Resilience


An Expansion, a Stuck Record and A Eulogy - My slightly Melancholy review of Hrothgorn's Mantrappers

It’s that time again, one of the best things about playing Underworlds is the thrill of tearing open (metaphorically speaking, we all know we get our new-card-fix online these days) the new packs and checking out the new cards.

It’s like having an extra 6-7 Christmases every year. 
Hrothgornornornron’s Mantrappers have just been previewed, with the oddly named Wurmspat shambling close behind. For the Gitz, this is the shot in the arm they (and particularly I) needed after the FAR list dropped earlier in the month. 
I’ve been a bit melancholy about their chances of late (a state of mind not helped by a certain helicopter crash in Los Angeles earlier in the week), but enthusiasm has ramped back up on the back of these previews. 
Despite some concerns about Power Creep becoming Power Jog, I’m intrigued by the progression of themes that Beastgrave is coming out with – Combo looks like a legitimate thing, which will interest combat-focussed warbands; Lost Pages and Poisons continue to be…