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Puppy Love - Showing off my Snarlfangs

Hi everyone,

Just a super quick update to show you pics of my Rippa's Snarlfangs. Yes, I know I've been down on them due to their questionable morality and generally reckless conduct; but I'm sure we'd all agree we know people like that, and they're often fun to be around.

I really enjoyed painting these guys. I started with a light undercoat of Army Builder Skeleton Bone, light enough to let bits of the grey plastic show through on the wolves' coats, which provided a lovely amount of contrast. Apart from the leather bits, and faces I basically didn't touch the wolves again - just an extreme white coat up top, and a Seraphim Sepia wash on their footsies.

Other than that, most of the colours are fairly basic. I'm a big fan of the self-highlighting properties of Doombull Brown. It's basically like a Contrast paint if you put it over a light undercoat.

The metals were a base of Doombull, followed by Balthasar Gold, a wash of old Ogryn Flesh, and an ext…
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Introducing Dice Positivity: Why Punishing Dice is Hurting Your Game

Introducing Dice Positivity: Why Punishing Dice is Hurting Your Game

Dice are complicated little creatures. They have many sides to them*

*Six, in fact. Sometimes more.

Owning dice is a pleasure. We love dice.  They allow us to play Underworlds, they enrich our lives, and in some cases, the enrich lives of our children or loved ones. We love their crazy antics, the way that they eagerly roll crits when a single support would do. 
But owning and rolling dice is also a big responsibility. Dice can sometimes do the wrong thing, and sometimes their behaviour will be very disappointing. It can be hurtful when the behaviour of our dice isn’t nearly as good as that of our opponent, whose defence dice obediently show up crits on demand, and the only time they roll dodges for Shield warbands is when they’ve played Rebound, while your dice are busy getting cocked or falling off the table. In those times, it can be tempting to punish your dice – to put them in Time Out, dice jail or in some ext…

The Night (Goblin) Before Christmas

December, what a time to be alive, eh? Dates on the calendar rush towards us faster than Skaeth’s Javelin, days remaining in the year disappear quicker than the Grymwatch get through their objective deck, retailers repeatedly play Daylight Robbery on our bank accounts and we’re about to consume more food than a Squig under the influence of Madcap Mushrooms. Also, there’s been some elections, some impeachments and some parts of Australia aren’t on fire!*

This one has been quite literally close to home. A 3,000 hectare blaze about 20km away from our house has only just been brought under control about midnight last night. That sounds like a lot, but when a fire can travel that distance in about 15 min, it’s really not.

Anyway, I thought I’d wrap things up for the year with a look forward for what I’d like to see for the new year, as usual selflessly appointing myself as Gitz Spokesman. 
2020 will be the year of... 
1.... A world free of Temporary Victory.
Dear GW, Ban it. Just do it. I…

That's a LOT of glory...

It’s been a while in coming, but it’s time for the inaugural No Gitz, No Glory Tournament Report!

Yesterday my long-time gaming buddy Alex and I drove down to a small tournament held by Spieledelxue, in Melbourne, Victoria.

Spieledeluxe is a boutique board games shop in North Melbourne. Unfortunately, they’re *too* boutique to hold the tournament in-house, so instead the venue was the Royal Mail Hotel on Spencer St, which was very easy to get to from out-of-towners, being a single “Is it this exit? I think its exit, OH GOD I HOPE IT’S THIS EXIT!” from the freeway. Also, it’s a pub, which makes it very easy to get beer. The bar manager, David, was very friendly, and brought over jugs of water for us, and offered to cook us food before the kitchen opened in the evening. 

Steve Radcliffe was the TO, and this was his first time in that role, which I wouldn’t have guessed, as he kept things moving on, gave a few gentle reminders about time remaining, and generally ran a pretty organised s…

Who Let the Dogs Out?

Who Let the Dogs out?

It’s time for another “What’s in it for me?” review, where we look at which cards Zarbag’s mob might enjoy from the latest expansion.

This month’s offering is Rippa’s Snarlfangs,Zarbag’s unruly and uncivilised cousins from the Steppe will shortly be hitting the shelves (and everything else).As I’ve mentioned before, riding on wolves and being uncouth are not the ‘done thing’ for respectable young Goblins, and it’s no conscience that we’re seeing cards such as Temporary Victory, and the reprint of Rebound, as moral standards have fallen to where society seemingly has no problem with a goblin showing its knees in public. Family values is needed. Please consult the following guide:

Zarbag’s Etiquette Guide for Young Goblins:

1.Good goblins should be in bed before dawn. Goblins who have slept the whole day will wake up in the evening refreshed and energetic, making it easy to be a fresh and vivacious conversationalist or party host. 2.Good goblins wear skirts with pride…