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Crash the Boards 2 - Boards without Risk

Crash the Boards 2 -Boards without Risk

Hello again folks, and apologies for the time between posts. Making regular time for a blog is hard. And that’s before Imperial Knights and the Ashes keep me up way past my bedtime.

Anyway, welcome back to the second part of my special on Boards and suggested deployments for Zarbag’s Gitz. In part one I looked at the six boards that contained lethal hexes. Lethal Hexes have turned from inconvenience to resource since the printing of Calculated Risk some months ago; and if you’re running that card, you probably need to limit yourself to those six boards*. If you aren’t running Calculated Risk, you can cast your eyes a bit wider. Not a lot wider, mind you.It’s something of a curiosity, but Boards appear to be as susceptible to power creep as power deck cards, objectives or fighter cards, and I suspect that even if you’re not playing Calculated Risk, there will be a number of times where you’ll select Boards with lethal hexes anyway.

*If you win …

V is for Vague Movie Reference - My 40k Project

Hi Everyone,

Thanks for your responses to my previous article, I'm still trying to line up some games to fine tune my recommendations for Part 2 of Crash the Boards.

I thought I would share what I've been doing hobby wise. Firstly, I've traded away my Eyes of Nine models to a friend for a second set of Zarbag's Gitz, because I'm a) mad, and b) a bit interested in Warcry. That's not the project I'm here to talk to you about though.

I'm re-dipping my toe into 40k.

Partly I blame Randall Slate from the Battle For Salvation Podcast for piquing my interest with his incessant habit of mentioning 40k every 8 episodes or so.

Anyway, that's what I'm doing. Which army am I going with, you ask?

Well, it should be obvious. I've set myself up as a champion of the Underdog, the little guy, the downtrodden and (most certainly) the Great Unwashed; and I'm nothing if not consistent, so there was only really one choice....

What an unexpected twist!



Crash the Boards (pt 1)

Crash the Boards (Pt 1) - Risky Boards

Choosing a board in Warhammer Underworlds is like choosing a present for your significant other - if you get it right, you'll look awesome; while getting it wrong won't kill you, you might make things much harder than they need to be. Even getting it badly wrong won't be fatal, but you might wish it was. Continuing the analogy, preparation and attention to detail matters; but also, copying what others do slavishly is a REALLY bad idea. Context, as ever, is everything.

That said, your choices will depend on the style of Gitz deck you're running and some of the cards you've picked. The biggest and most obvious factor here is whether or not you have won the roll off, and I've endeavoured to cover off both eventualities in this article.

Also playing a major factor in your selection is whether you need access to a lethal hex for Calculated Risk and/or Martyred.  From my perspective, I would include both these objectives in my 12-…