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Why you Should Play Zarbag's Gitz, and Why you Shouldn't

Zarbag's Gitz are a unique warband in Warhammer Underworlds. With a wizard, a net wielding cheerleader and a fighter who almost defies description, they have a playstyle all of their own. But it can be something of an acquired taste. Should you throw down for the Gitz?

Positioning and Passivity
The Gitz are one of the best warbands in terms of being able to score glory without rolling dice. Their high model count, Scurry-based shenanigans, and in faction push cards, make them ideally suited to playing the objective token game. Further, their low wound count means there’s little in the way of incentive to bring fighting upgrades, leaving plenty of room to invest glory boosting ones such as Hero’s Mantle, A Destiny to Meet, Slumbering (and other) Keys, and Katophrane Tomes. All this combined with some recently released objectives (Calculated Risk, Warning Shot, Shortcut) which can be easily and immediately scored, mean that few warbands have as reliable a Glory Engine as the Gitz. Gi…