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Who Let the Dogs Out?

Who Let the Dogs out?

It’s time for another “What’s in it for me?” review, where we look at which cards Zarbag’s mob might enjoy from the latest expansion.

This month’s offering is Rippa’s Snarlfangs,Zarbag’s unruly and uncivilised cousins from the Steppe will shortly be hitting the shelves (and everything else).As I’ve mentioned before, riding on wolves and being uncouth are not the ‘done thing’ for respectable young Goblins, and it’s no conscience that we’re seeing cards such as Temporary Victory, and the reprint of Rebound, as moral standards have fallen to where society seemingly has no problem with a goblin showing its knees in public. Family values is needed. Please consult the following guide:

Zarbag’s Etiquette Guide for Young Goblins:

1.Good goblins should be in bed before dawn. Goblins who have slept the whole day will wake up in the evening refreshed and energetic, making it easy to be a fresh and vivacious conversationalist or party host. 2.Good goblins wear skirts with pride…