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How to become a Git

Where to Start?

This post is probably a long time in coming, but I thought I'd better discuss how to approach the Gitz if you're a newer player.

For long-time readers (if there are any) it probably hasn't escaped your notice that I've not posted many decklists. That's been a conscious decision on my part: I'm the first to admit that while I'd regard myself as a competitive player, I'm raising two little Goblins of my own (the younger one is five today - happy birthday Emma!), so my opportunities to test the theory is somewhat limited.

So, while I can't provide a concrete endorsement of the Best Possible Gitz Deck (tm), I am more than comfortable providing a starting point for newer players

In addition I'll also put together a Buyer's Guide that will lead into a decklist. I'll also give some overall commentary on how best to get the Gitz to function as an entity. I've covered this previously, talking about individual fighters' rol…

The Ghoul Next Door

This week's blog comes with a soundtrack. 
Ahh, Spring!The smell of cut grass, crisp mornings and warm afternoons; the birds are chirping (though true to Australian form, some of our birds are attacking cars and cyclists with murderous rage channelled straight from the Jurassic). It’s a time of rebirth and renewal, and, appropriately enough, the start of a new Season of Warhammer Underworlds! Bonza!

The Grymwatch Expansion features a bunch of smelly green folk with bad hygiene and questionable mental states. No, we’ve not got another Goblin expansion (though one is coming, but more on that at the end), instead Beastgrave has been overrun with Ghouls. Frankly, they’re so unsanitary it’s enough to make one pine for The Mirrored City. At least there you could only get diseases from Festering Skaven.

Fortunately, while the ghouls are muscling in our being-green-and-crap-and-dying-a-lot racket, the universals that come with the expansion at least give the Gitz some tools to help us de…